Engage TFI to Shift Thinking and Drive Success

Engage Technology Forecasters if you want to break new ground in efficient supply-chain practices, or create a sustainability roadmap for solving tenacious issues in today’s environment, or inspire internal, customer, and supplier teams.

Since 1987, Pamela J. Gordon and other Tech Forecasters consultants have been instructing and inspiring corporate, association, and community audiences through the Executive Think Tank on Supply Chain, Workshops for Profitability and Sustainability, and Keynotes, such as:

  • Global Manufacturing that Honors People, Planet, and Profit
  • Efficient and Profitable Paths to Meeting New Environmental Requirements
  • Leveraging Your Personal Values to Boost Your Career
  • Right Priorities: Championing Environmental and Social Responsibility Throughout Your Organization

Pamela Gordon, a Climate Reality Leader, brings complex ideas down to earth with clarity — and humor! Benefit from an expert in the field who has published more than 1,000 articles and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the The Economist, and Bloomberg Businessweek.

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Sample list of Pamela’s international keynote, presentation, and training/webinar clients

American Association for Manufacturing Excellence

Las Vegas, Nevada

Applied Materials

Rehovot, Israel
Santa Clara, California

UC Berkeley Extension Courses

Berkeley, California


Milpitas, California

National Meeting of the Auditing Roundtable

Phoenix, Arizona
San Diego, California

International Electronics Recycling Conference and Expo

Las Vegas, Nevada


Espoo, Finland
Shanghai, China
USA locations

Green Manufacturing Summit

Birmingham, England
Roseville, Illinois
Anaheim, California

“Specialty Retailer” Vendor Summit

Hong Kong


Irvine, California

Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers International (SEMI)

San Francisco, California

Silicon Valley Manufacturers Group

San Jose, California


Palo Alto, California

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara, California

Women in Technology International (WITI)

Webinar (International)