Lean And Green Examples

App China

Through forest management, cleaner production and corporate responsibility, paper manufacturer APP-China increased CO2 absorption by 8 million tons a year, uses 4.7 fewer tons of water daily at 1 of its 10 mills and, in 2010, offered almost 100K hours of voluntary service.

Blue Coat Systems

Blue Coat Systems’ Product Take Back program not only reduces e-waste, but also reduces the need to build new products for warranty replacement, saving 350 metric tons of CO2 emissions and more than one million U.S. dollars each year.

Thermo Fisher Scientific (Life Technologies)

In August 2012, TFI-client Life Technologies (now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific) began generating 60% of its Carlsbad (Calif.) facilities’ electricity—used to reliably cool the company’s valuable inventory – by operating a Bloom Energy fuel-cell system. Life Technologies is continually exploring new ways to conserve energy and natural resources; the fuel-cell system reduces carbon emissions by 30% per kilowatt of electricity. Since 2008, the company has reduced CO2 emissions by 16%; energy consumption by 20%; water usage by 43%; and hazardous waste by 41%.”