Leverage EcoProductU to learn to create profitable, eco-efficient products.

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  • Business21: Meet key financial and other business goals in the 21st Century through designing safer, compliant, responsible, and desirable products.
  • Science21: Make better decisions based on understanding ways that products harm human and environmental health, as well as ways to reduce those impacts throughout products’ life cycles.
  • *Free access for 3 months, then US$1,800 each per organization per year.

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    • ToolBox: Measure and improve the environmental strengths and cost-reduction features of your products.
    • Materials: Reduce costs and environmental impacts through Material Reduction and Substitution practices.
    • Manufacturing: Implement strategies to reduce costs and risks to employee health.
    • EnergyEfficiency: Design products that reduce customers’ total cost of ownership, while at the same time reducing harmful environmental effects during use.
    • Logistics: Prioritize by cost and environmental footprint 5 common modes of product transport.
    • ProductEnd-of-Life: Implement zero-waste programs for products and capitalize on end-of-life value propositions.
    • Compliance: Identify key regulatory risks and requirements that impact your industry and markets.
    • Packaging: Design product packaging at lower costs and reduced environmental impacts.

    **Fee-based modules (being updated now) are priced at US$2,499 per organization for one year, with a 20% discount when purchasing 5 or more modules. Annual updates at 60% of original fee.

    Learners Who Benefit Most

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    Product Designers, Supply Chain Managers, Product Launch teams, Executives, Quality and Compliance Managers, Marketing Managers, and others looking to reduce costs of compliance, manufacturing, and transportation — while meeting 21st Century customers’ demands for efficient, reliable, and responsible products.

    Flexible, Learner-Directed Training:

    EcoProductU was developed by an international team of experts with nearly 100 years combined experience in efficient product design, manufacturing, supply chain, and products’ “end of life.” Their organizations include HP, Compaq, Motorola, Technology Forecasters, and Harvey Stone Communications. Learners from North America, Asia, and EMEA access the developers’ expertise through the benefits of an online program:

    • Complete each module at your own convenience, with your team or individually
    • Be fully engaged based on the latest online-learning techniques, including interactive exercises, quizzes, videos, and a forum
    • Unite around profitable, sustainable product design through taking a unified training.

      A team learning profiable, sustainable product designAccompanying hands-on workshops (for local teams) and webinars (for your remote teams) are available as well; pricing is based on length, location, and degree of customization; see sample.

    Order the Free and/or Fee-Based Modules Today! Or call 1-510-479-3478 for more information. Small-company and academic discounts available.

    EcoProductU ignites passion for 21st Century design, features case studies from numerous product categories, and tests learning in fun and engaging ways.