Trainings / Workshops

You, your executives, and teams can learn the latest and best strategies for your company’s success in the tech industry. Choose from the onsite and online TFI workshops described below, and Contact Us about scheduling, fees, and key "take aways."

Supply Chain

  • TFI’s Executive Think Tank on Supply Chain
    TFI has assembled Think Tanks to creatively solve the problems facing the next 10-20 years of the electronics supply chain. The first Think Tank was in Silicon Valley in Oct. 2012 (watch this recorded webinar to benefit from the insights), and since then TFI has conducted Think Tank events in the EMEA region. Bring TFI’s Executive Think Tank on Supply Chain to your group or your company to prepare well for the specific challenges ahead. Contact Us for schedules and rates.
  • Finding and Keeping OEM Customers, for the next 10 years of electronics manufacturing and design services
    This 3-hour workshop escorts marketing and sales executives at EMS, ODM, component, and software suppliers into the real-world thinking and perspectives of today’s OEM customers: when and why do they buy, what regions they prefer, selection criteria, and what deters them from entering into a new supplier relationship. Benefit from TFI’s nearly 2.5 decades of expertise in electronics-manufacturing strategy, and get prepared for the next 10 years’ of buying behavior by OEM customers, some aspects of which are hardly recognizable from historical practices. With the workshop comes 10 introductions to OEM prospective customers uniquely matched to the client by TFI analysts.
  • Logistics and Fulfillment: Leading Practices for Efficiency and Resource Savings
    TFI supply-chain, logistics, and fulfillment consultants will convey to your operating executives and teams proven paths to profitable new choices for matching demand with production and moving product. Do you know that even some well-respected electronics companies have recently discovered that some of their products circle the globe as many as 6 times? Have you r9thought about your processes in this light? Learn how to remove wasted effort, motion, and processes in getting the right product to the right customer in the fastest and least-costly way.
  • Creating Differentiation in Your Electronics Market
    Whether your company is an OEM, and electronics-manufacturing/design company, a component supplier, or software company, you will benefit from TFI’s expert industry-and-marketing team’s proven ability to quickly find unique angles for promoting your competitive differentiators. By the end of this day-long hands-on workshop, you will have 3 to 5 differentiation messages and a draft marketing roadmap for executing them. Typical follow-on services include writing white papers, leading webinars, securing invitations to speak at conferences, and even objective customer verification of messaging effectiveness.

Environmental Leadership

  • EcoProductU (TM)
    Learn to create profitable, eco-efficient products online, at your own pace. This training prepares you to design and manufacture products that are more efficient, safer, lower cost, quicker to market, and more competitive. View for FREE two modules: EcoProductU Science (now available) and EcoProductU Business (coming soon) Contact us to access one of these modules for free (for 3 months).
  • Efficient and Profitable Paths to Meeting New Environmental Requirements
    Receive Best practices for meeting EuP, REACH, Carbon reporting, and other requirements, and proven ways to reduce COGS, and increase revenue at the same time. This day-long workshop is for OEM and EMS companies’ operations, supply-chain, EHS, and design management. Marketing, finance, and CEOs have benefited as well.
  • Design-for-Environment
    Hundreds of electronics designers in North America, China, and EMEA have experienced the Design for Environment Workshop. Participants report that the workshop forever changes the way they think about designs, emphasizing environmental, profitability, and reliability attributes.

    The chief objectives of this day-long seminar are (1) to be prepared for the new and emerging environmental regulations and customer requirements affecting electronic products globally, and (2) to design electronics with environmentally-superior features and ones that boost competitive advantage.

  • Environmental ROI and Carbon Footprint
    This 3-hour workshop provides an introduction to environmental ROI frameworks and calculations, targeting the key question of many sustainability proponents: "How much carbon footprint reduction or energy savings will result from this project?" Suitable for project managers, facilities managers, and "green team" members, the workshop includes the calculation of resource savings, energy conservation, carbon footprint reduction, and financial savings as appropriate. It begins with a broad view to set context, then focuses on specific cases, then dives into an interactive component relevant to your company’s products or processes.