Supply-Chain Expertise

Increasing Effectiveness, Minimizing Waste

Technology Forecasters’ consulting and best-practice research help executives to increase global supply-chain effectiveness — while systematically removing waste from product design through manufacturing and usage.

Brand companies, their manufacturing suppliers (EMS), and software / equipment providers rely on us to increase effectiveness and reduce costs — measurably and responsibly.

Our services include:

  • Market Research on Electronics Design, Manufacturing, Outsourcing, and Logistics
    • For OEM, EMS and ODM Contract Manufacturing, Component, Software, and Distribution companies
  • Customer Retention for Business Growth
    • Customer-loyalty program involving in-depth interviews, analysis and programs for EMS and ODM Contract Manufacturing, Component, Software, and Distribution companies
  • Trainings, Workshops and Keynotes on the Future of Electronics Manufacturing
    • Forecasts of critical trends affecting OEM, EMS and ODM Contract Manufacturing, Component, Software, and Distribution companies, and inspirational strategies for success
  • Best Practices for Logistics in the Electronics Industry
    • Streamlining product movement, reducing costs, and analyzing comparative environmental impact of logistics routes
  • Supply Chain Relationships
    • Concrete, actionable recommendations for strengthening your supplier relationships and improving the performance and profitability of your extended network

Recommended Workshops

As an introduction to Tech Forecasters’ services or to supplement your existing efforts, we recommend the following trainings/workshops:

  • DfE Online
    An 8-module, online training program that teaches everyone on the product-launch team how to conceive of, design, and produce products using minimal resources and maximum profitability from raw materials through end of life. Purchase the Team License or Corporate License to — all in one place — learn how to design products that not only comply with global environmental regulations, but also lead your industry in energy savings, efficient manufacturing, and appeal to eco-smart customers.
  • Finding and Keeping OEM Customers for the next 10 years of electronics manufacturing and design services
    A 3-hour workshop that escorts marketing and sales executives at EMS, ODM, component, and software suppliers into the real-world thinking and perspectives of today’s OEM customers: when and why do they buy, what regions they prefer, selection criteria, and what deters them from entering into a new supplier relationship.
  • Logistics and Fulfillment: Leading Practices for Efficiency and Resource Savings
    TFI supply-chain, logistics, and fulfillment consultants will convey to your operating executives and teams proven paths to profitable new choices for matching demand with production and moving product.
  • Creating Differentiation in Your Electronics Market
    Whether your company is an OEM, and electronics-manufacturing/design company, a component supplier, or software company, you will benefit from TFI’s expert industry-and-marketing team’s proven ability to quickly find unique angles for promoting your competitive differentiators. By the end of this day-long hands-on workshop, you will have 3 to 5 differentiation messages and a draft marketing roadmap for executing them.