Profitable Sustainability

High-Return and Sustainable Products and Operations

Tech Forecasters provides expert guidance and support to ensure your company adopts corporate-wide environmental best practices that result in significant competitive advantages and cost savings. Since 1997, we’ve been on the leading edge of providing executives with smart, effective sustainability programs that help companies become “Lean and Green.”

Our Commitment

With experience in corporate environmental consulting since 1997, we offer a money-back guarantee that our services will produce the following results for qualified client companies:

  • 1% to 5%+ savings in cost of goods sold
  • 5% to 10% savings in sales, general, and administrative costs

Profitable-Sustainability Programs

Our approach is comprehensive, integrated, and methodical. We plan for a Two-Phase, three-year engagement that creates and executes upon a competitive Roadmap with high-ROI returns. Programs include:

  • DfE Online
    An 8-module, online training program that teaches everyone on the product-launch team how to conceive of, design, and produce products using minimal resources and maximum profitability from raw materials through end of life. Purchase the Team License or Corporate License to — all in one place — learn how to design products that not only comply with global environmental regulations, but also lead your industry in energy savings, efficient manufacturing, and appeal to eco-smart customers.
  • High-ROI Environmental Roadmap
    • A sustainability consulting program in which clients realize significant competitive advantages and cost savings.
  • Lean and Green Reductions of ‘Scope Three’ Emissions and Costs:
    • A consulting program to reduce the environmental impacts of employee travel and commutes, purchases, and supply chains
  • Design-for-Environment and Sustainability Workshops
    • Eco-design principles and hands-on exercises for electronics engineers, supply-chain managers, and executives looking to increase competitiveness of products
  • Sustainability Benchmarking Research
    • Best practices for environmental and CSR strategies at mid- and large-sized companies

Recommended Trainings and Workshops

As an introduction to TFI Environment’s services or to supplement your existing efforts, TFI recommends the following trainings/workshops:

  • Efficient and Profitable Paths to Meeting New Environmental Requirements
    Receive best practices for meeting EuP, REACH, Carbon reporting, and other requirements, and proven ways to reduce COGS, and increase revenue at the same time. This day-long workshop is for OEM and EMS companies’ operations, supply-chain, EHS, and design management. Marketing, finance, and CEOs have benefited as well.
  • Design-for-Environment Training: In-person and Online
    The chief objectives of this day-long seminar are a) to be prepared for the new and emerging environmental regulations and customer requirements affecting electronic products globally, and b) to design electronics with environmentally-superior features and ones that boost competitive advantage. Hundreds of electronics designers in North America, China, and EMEA have experienced the Design for Environment Workshop. Participants report that the workshop forever changes the way they think about designs, emphasizing environmental, profitability, and reliability attributes.
  • Environmental ROI and Carbon Footprint
    This 3-hour workshop provides an introduction to environmental ROI frameworks and calculations, targeting the key question of many sustainability proponents: "How much carbon footprint reduction or energy savings will result from this project?" Suitable for project managers, facilities managers, and "green team" members, the workshop includes the calculation of resource savings, energy conservation, carbon footprint reduction, and financial savings as appropriate. It begins with a broad view to set context, then focuses on specific cases, then dives into an interactive component relevant to your company’s products or processes.

TFI and the Environment

At TFI, we ‘walk our talk’. For nearly 15 years, TFI has contributed 5% of its annual profits to The Nature Conservancy, an organization that has dedicated decades of work to purchasing land to protect at-risk flora and fauna. As TFI has dedicated decades of work to helping corporate executives reduce their environmental impact (while at the same time realizing cost efficiencies) we think it’s a good match!