In the Competition for Best Sustainability Practices, Tech Plays a Key Role

The Jadraas 200MW wind farm in Sweden. Credit: Arise

The Jadraas 200MW wind farm in Sweden. Credit: Arise

by Pamela J. Gordon

With the potentially pivotal UN Climate Change Conference just weeks away, I’m seeing more and more governments — large and small — lead sustainability practices by example:

Sweden aims to be the first fossil-fuel-free nation.

San Francisco continues to be a world leader in waste reduction and waste diversion from landfill.

Frankfurt ranked as the world’s most sustainable city.

Israel has the world’s greenest parliament building.

Kauai is becoming the first island in the State of Hawaii to switch virtually all of its street lights to LED lights.* (Did you hear that I’m living on Kauai this year?)

In each case, success owes in part — in major or minor ways — to the Tech Industry’s hotly competitive pursuits in materials-and-energy-efficient hardware, software that drives sustainable practices, generation of alternative energy, sensors that minimize use of resources, manufacturing processes that reduce waste, remediation technologies for righting past pollution, and more.

The better the Tech Industry embeds Design-for-Environment principles in every product, measures and improves sustainability with objective Life Cycle Assessments, and uses responsible supply-chain practices, the better the world can preserve precious resources and stop Climate Change. Plus, based on studies that TFI has conducted for nearly 30 years, DfE, LCAs, and efficient supply chains almost always significantly reduce overall costs.

Let sustainability competition spur on all Tech companies and all global communities to make Earth the “greenest” planet we live on.


Comment here: What is your most-sustainable product, process, or community, and how does Tech play a part?

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