How to Make Money in Plastics Recycling

by Pamela J. Gordon, CEO at Technology Forecasters Inc. and Senior Consultant at Antea Group The device on which you are reading this blog (or on which you printed it) likely contains plastic, in addition to some precious and non-precious … Continue reading

The Electronics Supply Chain Can Thrive in the Circular Economy

(Part 1 of 3) By Pamela J. Gordon, Technology Forecasters Inc. CEO and Antea Group Senior Consultant One of my happiest moments on the job since joining TFI’s services with those of Antea Group, a Circular Economy 100 member, was … Continue reading

In the Competition for Best Sustainability Practices, Tech Plays a Key Role

by Pamela J. Gordon With the potentially pivotal UN Climate Change Conference just weeks away, I’m seeing more and more governments — large and small — lead sustainability practices by example: … Continue reading

Klafter and Gordon on Climate Change Solutions in the Electronics Supply Chain

by Pamela J. Gordon, CEO, Technology Forecasters Inc. This week Flex VP Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility Bruce Klafter and I co-presented on EBN’s webinar “Climate Change Mitigation: How the Electronics Supply Chain Can Do So — Profitably.” When viewing … Continue reading

West Coast Port Headaches: Your Contingency Plan?

By Jonathan Gilbert, TFI Senior Logistics Consultant Contingency Planning in the Supply Chain — Are You Prepared? Labor issues at Long Beach and Los Angeles ports are causing major headaches for supply chain managers. Again. A volatile labor environment, record-setting … Continue reading

Regional Manufacturing: from Philosophy to Practice

(Third in TFI’s “Supply-Chain Rescue” series) An interview with Craig Carlson, Director, Commodity Management & Contract Manufacturing, at TFI client Outerwall by Pamela J. Gordon, TFI CEO Moving supply chains closer to end customers — for cost savings and customer … Continue reading

Collaborative Logistics: Creative solution for global supply chains

by Jonathan Gilbert, TFI Logistics Consultant Tight trucking capacity, volatile rates, and continuing driver shortages are all in the news as we enter 2015. Ocean shipping rates, in a slump for several years, are starting to rise once again. Even … Continue reading

Headphone Packaging Misses the DfE Boat

by Pamela J. Gordon, CEO of Technology Forecasters Inc. I bought the new Apple® iPhone® 6 Plus to “dematerialize” what I tote around with me. The 6 Plus screen is 57% larger than my iPhone 4 (now handed down to … Continue reading

A Welcome and Honest New Book on Outsourcing the Supply Chain

Blog Post by Pamela J. Gordon TFI’s long-time colleague Professor Andy Tsay (chair of the Operations Management and Information Systems department in the business school at Santa Clara University) told me about his new book, Designing and Controlling the Outsourced … Continue reading