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From leveraging Pamela J. Gordon's industry smarts when working at OEM and Electronics Manufacturing Services companies, I am convinced that she would be a strong Director on any OEM or EMS company's Board. Pamela's thought leadership and electronics-industry strategies set the company on the path of maximum growth and profitability, and her fluency in corporate responsibility avoids costly surprises.

Francois Gauthier, Principal

Ops Manager Now

Pamela J. Gordon is a consensus builder. I would work for her or with her again on any Board, anywhere, any time. Ms. Gordon chaired the Board of Directors of the Institute of Management Consultants (N.Calif. chapter), during my tenure on the Board. Ms. Gordon truly included all Board Members' ideas with an open and friendly leadership style. When setting key organizational goals, she guided us to the best solution by ensuring that everyone had a say, understood proposed directions, and stood behind the final decision. It is no small matter to get a Board of intelligent, accomplished, and independent consultants to agree on direction. Ms. Gordon did so with full buy-in

Jim Sloane, IMC Norcal Operations Director (former)

Institute of Management Consultants (IMC)

Cisco values its relationships with suppliers to the extent that we have Technology Forecasters, an objective third-party, measure our suppliers' levels of satisfaction with Cisco as a customer, in key aspects of the relationship. This way, we are able to continually improve our supplier relationships as ecosystem partners, enabling us to provide the best solutions for our customers and stakeholders.

Steve Darendinger

Cisco, VP Supply Chain Operations, Cisco Systems (now at Juniper Networks)

Pam did a phenomenal job of helping Blue Coat Systems put together and manage our green and social responsibility initiatives, as well as consulted on supply chain optimization. She has also done great work with many other organizations and is very involved in the broader community. Pam's broad experience and subject matter knowledge were instrumental as we developed objectives and metrics for success. Her leadership and collaboration skills enabled our team to fully engage and implement programs with ongoing reviews to achieve results and drive continuous improvement. Pam is a great asset, and she is a pleasure to work with.

Dave de Simone, SVP Product & Technology

While at Blue Coat Systems

Our new Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan addresses how we keep the wheels moving in case something happens. It’s very detailed ― not just a piece of paper. TFI has the contacts, expertise, and methodology; we couldn’t have done it without them.

John Mathew, VP of Operations

Projects Unlimited

It was a pleasure seeing your well-received talk 'What Happens When You Add a Green Lens to Lean' at the Lean & Six Sigma World Conference. Also, congratulations on receiving the conference's Leadership Award for 2014!

Beth A. Galt, Director of Operational Excellence (Master Black Belt)

MPI Research

I met Pam more than 10 years ago when I joined the TFI Quarterly Forum. Pam is an outstanding consultant in the supply-chain arena who provides a great deal of value to her clients. She is passionate about her work and applies the highest level of integrity in everything she does. Lean and Green is not just a catch phrase or title of her book, but is Pam’s mission in life that not only helps the planet but also benefits companies’ bottom lines.

Francois Gauthier, (formerly) General Manager Worldwide Operations


TFI gave us honest and thoughtful feedback of the good, bad, and ugly in the EMS business, providing valuable insight into current and future market trends and drivers. Pam Gordon and her team did a fantastic job; everyone in my group benefited from their research.

William Blackburn, Principal

Kilmer Capital

Technology Forecasters Inc.’s Environmental ROI Workshop was a big success: my team was very engaged the entire time and asked great questions, it sparked great discussions on ways to lower the environmental impact of our products and operations, and generated a number of ideas to take action to create more sustainable products, processes and operations! I highly recommend the workshop.

Paris Dieker, Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Manager

Blue Coat Systems

The TFI team has done a very valuable and helpful study to help SiFO to understand potential markets and be prepared to go into an exciting new business.

Robin Tian, General Manager

SiFO Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou, China

[Your project] has received kudos and unequivocal enthusiasm from our management team and stakeholders throughout the company. Outstanding work!

Greg Hano, Director, Marketing Analytics at Newark Corporation

Premier Farnell PLC

TFI worked in partnership with us to tackle a particularly challenging research project. They were a great team to work with, providing us with the flexibility we needed on such a custom requirement. The results exceeded our expectations and should provide benefits far beyond our initial analysis.

Gregg Mozdy, VP Business Development

Senior Systems Technology Inc.

Thank you for your webinar with our National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR) Lean and Environment Work Group. It was an excellent presentation and you kept our audience fully engaged. We’re grateful and we’d love to have you back again!

Paula Del Giudice, Executive Director

Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center

Lean and Green is a profitable guide to any business willing to lay aside the old way of working and adopt solid environmental principles into their management thinking.

Harry Reid

Agilent Technologies

Having known Pamela Gordon for a number of years has been a pleasure. Pamela is a consultant's consultant. She has such clear vision and focus, combined with superior intelligence that makes it a pleasure working with her. She has always shown a clear vision of her industry and the dynamics of it. I highly recommend Pamela as a strategic business plan advisor.

Mo Ohady, CEO

Digicom Electronics, Inc.

The book format [of Lean and Green] is just perfect for energizing individuals to take a step forward in their companies and make a difference for the environment. Nowhere we do we need it more than here in China.

Evelyn Baldwin, Environmental Mgr. Asia Pacific


On behalf of the organizers of the 2008 West Coast Regional Environmental Auditing Roundtable meeting, I would like to express my sincerest thanks for addressing our group in San Francisco. Your presentation was first rate and I know the audience appreciated your enthusiasm and creative PowerPoint. Your talk left no doubt that there are significant financial and good will benefits for companies to exceed environmental regulations, whether they be in the electronics industry or not.

Gary Lucks, JD, CPEA, CEO

Beyond Compliance

Pam is an extraordinary advisor and analyst to the High Tech industry. Since 2004, I have been working together with Pam on various projects where I always appreciated her strong expertise on product stewardship, environmental affairs and sustainability overall. At any time, the outcome was extremely valuable and we enjoyed her passion, creativity and effectiveness to our organization.

Adrian Langlouis, Director, Sustainability Solution Management


Pam is a brilliant technologist and consultant. Her book Lean and Green was a breakthrough for the industry. Her Technology Forecasters workshops should be priced higher based on the value that they bring the attendees. Highly recommended!

Mark Kuta, Value Chain Planning Sales Manager


Tellabs' Office of Environmental Affairs has relied on TFI's expertise since 2006, having used them internationally for services ranging from compliance and beyond-compliance consultation to DfE training and Lifecycle Analyses, and internal and external best practice research. TFI helped us meet and exceed our environmental goals profitably.

Jesse Kevan, Global Environmental Compliance Manager


TFI's Design-for-Environment Workshop has a refreshingly progressive approach, compared with the many RoHS workshops around these days.

Mr. Manthos Economou, Quality Engineering


Thank you very much for conducting a flawless Green Manufacturing Keynote Panel. The discussion was rich in information and exhibited truly compelling arguments for all. Your ease and command of the topics were remarkable.

Sylvie Rouaix, Vice President - Global Product Development


I think that we all can be proud of today's Roundtable: great attendance and good interchange. Pamela is an excellent presenter. We need to find more speakers of her caliber. Thanks, truly well done. The only downside is that raising the bar this high, we will have to work even harder to match this success in the future.

Peter Polgar, Chairman

American Electronics Association (AeA) Operations Roundtable, San Diego

Your training on the Future of the EMS Industry was fantastic! It was substantive, engaging, and inspired the [international executives] about possibilities for the industry. The webinar was well received, and set an excellent context for us.

Susan Sarpa, Senior Director, Human Development


Pamela Gordon was probably the best speaker we've had at this type of event. Her 3-hour Lean and Green workshop was fantastic -- eye opening, motivational and educational.

Craig Hershberg, Director of Environmental Affairs

Toshiba America

TFI's report on Central and Eastern Europe characterized the region well, featuring critical trends and key players. We are pleased with the report - it helped us to substantiate many of our plans, ...and in some ways change our thinking for going in a slightly different direction. Quite frankly, it's another positive experience with TFI.

Mark LaPointe (Director) and Tom Donofrio (Marketing Manager)

Central Semiconductor

TFI Environment was the ideal consulting firm to conduct a landmark industry study on substance-restriction requirements. The result was great quantitative information and illustrative qualitative insights--all well presented.

Parker Brugge, VP Environmental Affairs and Industry Sustainability

Consumer Electronics Association

TFI's 'Environmental ROI and Carbon Footprint' workshop was great, with good feedback from the team. It was the right level of detail, content, and pace. (While at Extreme Networks)

Glenn Pohly, Vice President, Quality Assurance

Masimo Corporation

Technology Forecasters will always be the first company to come to my mind when people ask me for a source of information and services related to the EMS industry.

Paul H. Esling, Director of Supply Base Management


TFI's Business Intelligence program is a great service. Over the years they’ve identified numerous opportunities for us to reduce costs, improve time to market, and increase employee satisfaction. TFI has supported us with supplier research, contract evaluations and extensive product lifecycle analyses. Their work is always professional and delivers high value to the organization. I strongly recommend this program for any company seeking to gain efficiencies and industry intelligence.

Monte Moore, VP Manufacturing Operations

Blue Coat Systems

Pamela Gordon's presentation 'The Future of the EMS industry' at the SMTA Silicon Valley Chapter meeting was very well received by the audience and highly informative. She concisely presented the history and the future of the EMS industry along with the changing drivers for outsourcing -- from purely cost reduction to increasing focus on more valued added services. Also of particular interest were her insights on regional solutions to international supply chains.

John Hawley, Sr. Engineer

SMTA Silicon Valley Officer, Barnes & Noble Digital

Academic References

Thank you for you engaging and very useful talk today. I had many students tell me how much they enjoyed your presentation. I have a feeling you'll have more Presidians applying for internships.

Professor Martin Medeiros (Economics)

Presidio Graduate School

Pamela Gordon gave an outstanding guest lecture in my senior engineering class on Life Cycle Engineering at San Jose State University. The students had the valuable opportunity to hear about Design for Environment (DfE) from the one of the leading experts in this field. Pam's active consulting and collaboration with major manufacturers and enterprises with international supply chains provided the students with actionable insights into DfE that they can carry forward into their careers!

Professor Ramesh Srinivasan

San Jose State University

We’re delighted with all that Pamela Gordon did as Expert in Residence at Presidio Graduate School's MBA in Sustainable Management program. She engaged with us in so many different ways and fulfilled the role with such vigor that she set a standard for future PGS Experts in Residence. [See related article.]

Dwight E. Collins PhD, Dean Witter Foundation Faculty in Sustainable Management & Associate Dean, MBA Program

Presidio Graduate School

Pam was a guest speaker in my MBA course 'Supply Chain Outsourcing.' Most of the students have significant current supply chain responsibilities at many of the leading firms in Silicon Valley. The students found Pam's presentation to be a real eye-opener, and many reported specific action items that they will pursue in their firms right away. [See related TFI blog post]

Professor Andy A. Tsay

Santa Clara University

Regarding your presentation at our International Conference on Lead-Free Soldering, your keynote received a very good response. A number of participants identified your presentation among the most valuable; and considering that on the whole the participants wrote that all the presentations were valuable, that's very good feedback.

Professor Laura Turbini, Executive Director

Centre for Microelectronics Assembly, Toronto, Canada