Case Studies

Scan our Case Studies for ways that Tech Forecasters has brought to our clients greater supply-chain efficiencies as well as sustainable products and practices. It’s about profitability and responsibility working together.

Projects Unlimited Inc.

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

Can an electronics company’s Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan help reduce costs and risks every day? See how Projects Unlimited Inc. (PUI) did so, with TFI’s support.


Prepare for Supply Chain Disruptions!

A mark of an organized, responsible manufacturer is the creation of a best-practice, customized plan for continuing operations when natural disasters, industrial disasters, and supply-chain disruptions occur. Electronics-manufacturer AccuSpec is an example of such a company, with some help from Tech Forecasters.

Gap Inc.

Best Practice Benchmarking

The moment supply-chain, operations, or sustainability executives are ready to advance their company’s performance to the highest levels, that’s the time for a Tech Forecasters benchmarking study. “Best practices” are relative and require objective measurement with others in the industry, so you can meet and surpass the best. See how Gap Inc. has done so.


High ROI Environmental Consulting

Tech Forecasters provided services ranging from compliance and beyond-compliance consultation, to DfE training and Life Cycle Analyses, and internal and external best practice research.

Blue Coat Systems, Inc.

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) for Better Products

Tech Forecasters trained Blue Coat’s product designers in Eco-Design principles and conducted extensive LCAs on their products; providing their Sales division with data on substantive, measurable product improvements made to date – on cost savings and progress toward CO2 reduction goals.

A “Specialty Retailer” Client

Vendor Relationship Excellence!

If you think about the huge percentage of time and money that goes into managing strategic vendor relationships, you realize how much can be saved by taking an honest look at what’s working and what can be improved — as only Tech Forecasters can do.

Blue Coat Systems, Inc.

Business Intelligence Partner

See how Tech Forecasters’ Business Intelligence partnership has helped Blue Coat reduce costs and speed time to market with supply chain consulting, internal research, and product life cycle assessment.

Extreme Networks

Business Intelligence Partner

Tech Forecasters’ Business Intelligence program saved this mid-sized company more than US$250K in consulting fees from prior firms.

Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)

Environmental Consulting

Tech Forecasters conducted landmark studies for the electronics industry on the impacts of environmental regulations and sustainability efforts in the field.

Blue Coat Systems, Inc.

High ROI Environmental Partner

Tech Forecasters’ “Lean and Green” expertise helped this mid-sized OEM save more than US$2.5 million in operations costs and 8 tons of CO2 emissions.